Podcast PR for Your Book

How to get publicity for your book on podcasts? Which podcasts feature authors / subject matter experts and their new books? And how to pitch the hosts, and get booked on their show?

Promoting your (e)book on podcasts requires in-depth research, tenacity - and a lot of patience. Luckily for you, we've done the homework already so you can take a shortcut.

Pick your personal "fast track" to viral podcast publicity for your book:

  1. eBook Podcast PR Push

    You provide the book, fiction or non-fiction, with a short pitch and author bio blurb. For a one-time fee, we email your pitch to the relevant segment/s of our industry-leading mailing list of established and recently launched podcasts.

    Any podcast invites from the hosts and producers who want to book you on their show go straight to your email address, and you are solely responsible for following up on each podcast invite.

  2. DIY Podcast PR Training

    You provide the book. During one comprehensive online training session, we show you step-by-step how to develop your own podcast target list, pitch the hosts, and secure your appearances on their shows.

  3. Instant Podcast PR

    You provide the book. In close coordination with you, we develop the podcast target list and pitches, contact the hosts or producers, and secure your appearances on their shows. No long-term contract required.

With our Podcast PR program, you select the track that works best for you and your book, or even combine two or all three. As an option for each of these tracks, we can help you with 1:1 interview and on-air training by one of our award-winning coaches.

Ready to get your book on the podcasts that matter to your and your audience? Take the next step now and make it happen: